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Cash Advance apps that work with Chime [Complete List]

Cash Advance apps that work with Chime [Complete List]

Cash advance apps allow you to access funds (usually at reasonable charges) to cover for short term requirements. If you are a Chime App user and looking for cash advance apps that support Chime, this post will give you the list. Do the popular apps like Brigit, Cleo, Earnin, Klover, Dave etc. work with Chime? Read this post to find out the complete details of all cash advance apps that work with chime (also called sometimes as Payday Loans apps)

Cash Advance apps come in handy, if you are in urgent need of funds to pay for expenses like rent, gas, groceries etc. They allow you to borrow funds in advance before your payday to cover the cash requirements outside the normal pay cycle. However, some apps may even provide loan funds without linking to payday. They offer a much cheaper option than payday loans and overdrafts where the interest rates can be exorbitant.

Some of the popular cash advance apps include Brigit, Cleo, Albert, Earnin, MoneyLion, Dave, Klover etc. However, not all cash advance apps are supported by Chime.

Here, you may also know that Chime has its own overdraft product –Chime Spot Me, which also allows you to spot yourself cash up to a limit, if you are an eligible user.

Based on current available information, below is a list of cash advance apps and if they support Chime. This list may change from time to time.

Cash Advance Apps that work with Chime [List]

So apps like Cleo, MoneyLion, Branch, Dave, Albert all works important hyperlink well with Chime. While for Brigit and Earnin, it works only for limited users.

Let’s see this in more detail- what are the technicalities involved with each of the cash advance apps, the level of support for Chime and any issues that you may face.


Brigit is one of the popular cash advance apps, having more than 1.5 million users. Brigit does NOT work with Chime at this moment. As per the Brigit website support section providing information on the supported banks, Brigit is no longer supporting new users who have a Chime bank account, citing connectivity issues.

This means that Brigit had worked with Chime in the past (and may still work for some old users) but is no longer able to support the services now. So it is a bit of hit and miss to use Brigit with Chime.

Cleo is one of the few cash advance apps that works with Chime. Cleo is an AI powered chatbot app that works like a money management app which allows you to link a bank account, analyze your deposits and spending pattern. If you have used it for some time, Cleo also allows you to borrow funds (Salary advance) based on your spending habits and fund balance. For this, you have to subscribe to Cleo Plus service where you can get a salary advance of upto $100


Money Lion is one of the popular cash advance apps that works with Chime. It is a membership based service which offers you the instacash option (without interest) of upto to $250 ahead of payday. It also provides short term loans. MoneyLion is known to support Chime

To link Chime Account in MoneyLion, go to “Finances” tab at the bottom of the MoneyLion home screen and then select “Link an account.” Select Chime bank from the list of options or use the search bar to find.

There are few things you should note in general while connecting Chime Bank Account to MoneyLion, to be eligible as per their terms.

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